White Jade Tiger (1993), by Julie Lawson

Lawson-Jade TigerThis time-slip story draws issues of identity and family and heritage into the mystery of the White Jade Tiger amulet, lost and needing to be found to break a curse.  Jasmine, from 1990s Victoria, and Keung, from 1880s China and then Victoria, meet through the magical powers of the shade of Bright Jade, from the Qin dynasty, who cannot rest until her amulet is found.  Jasmine, the protagonist, learns tolerance and forgiveness on a number of levels as she works with Keung to find his father and the amulet.  The lessons the reader will glean are enhanced by the characterization of Jasmine; she is not troubled or rebellious, but rather a normal young girl who has lost her mother and whose father has gone abroad to work… She is a powerful character for young readers to identify with, as is Keung, born in the Year of the Tiger, and working hard to manifest the strength against obstacles that his birth and heritage demands.


One comment on “White Jade Tiger (1993), by Julie Lawson

  1. G123 says:

    This book is just so amazing. I love it because u get to learn about the Chinese and Canadian history.

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